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Clear Creek Trail

  • View from Clear Creek Trail
  • The muddy Colorado from Clear Creek Trail
  • Good spot for a rest on the uphill


  • This inner canyon trail begins just north of Phantom Ranch.
  • Hikers are treated to great overlooks of the Phantom Ranch area along the way.
  • This is a backcountry trail that provides plenty of solitude and great inner canyon scenery. 

Clear Creek Trail


Grand Canyon's Clear Creek Trail is less traveled than the main corridor trails. The main reason for this is that one must first hike down to Phantom Ranch in order to reach the trail. The trail begins about a half mile north of Phantom Ranch at a junction with the North Kaibab Trail. Hikers will climb 1,150 feet in the first 1.7 miles to reach the Tonto Platform. From here, it contours around the south side of Zoroaster Temple on the north side of the Colorado River to the Clear Creek drainage about 8.4 miles away.

Along the trail, one passes Phantom Overlook with a view of Phantom Ranch, a possible day hike turn around. There are stone benches for a rest. Those who continue are treated to a wealth of geologic formations including the Tapeats formation and the Great Uconformity, a gap in the geologic record of more than 1 billion years. About halfway in, the Clear Creek Canyon comes in on the right.. The path continues through two more drainages before ending at a dry tributary. Hikers then desscend into the drainage to its confluence with Clear Creek and camp downstream from here. A day hike leads up Clear Creek to Cheyava Falls, 5 miles one way. The falls flow in spring if winter has brought sufficient snow to the Colorado Plateau. 

Remember to obtain permits for the hike well in advance and come prepared for backcountry conditions. This is a wilderness hike beyond Phantom Ranch. Take only photos and leave only footprints.


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