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Cool Springs Station

  • Route 66 gas station at Cool Springs
  • Do you think it will run?
  • Historic Cool Springs Station


Cool Springs Station


Title: Cool Springs Station
Date: ------
Price: No Admission
Address: 8275 Oatman Rd
Golden Valley, Kingman, AZ 86413
Phone Number: 928-768-8366
Phone number:
Highlights: Restored 1920s Route 66 filling station.
Description: Cool Springs Camp
Built in 1926, the initial camp included a café and a Mobil Oil Station. The last stop before the
steep Goldroad grade, the camp was a welcome respite to check vehicles' oil, water and gas,
and grab a bite to eat.
In the 1930's, James Walker moved his family from Huntington, Indiana to operate the camp,
improving the station and building eight tourist cabins. However, sometime later, the couple
divorced, leaving Mrs. Walker and the children to run the camp.
The camp continued to flourish and Mrs. Walker remarried a man named Floyd Spidell. After
World War II, when people began to travel at a pace never seen before, the chicken dinners
served at Cool Camp became famous for the many travelers making their way to California.
In the early 1950's, the Yucca Bypass was developed, which took its toll on the camp, as well as
nearby Oatman, effectively turning it into a ghost town.
Sometime later, the Spidell's divorced, and Floyd was left to run the camp. In 1957, he was
joined by his niece, Nancy Schoenerr and her husband Chuck. Though traffic had dwindled on
the steep Sitgreaves Pass, they continued to operate the camp until 1966, when the entire camp
burned completed to the ground, leaving nothing but remnants of the stone foundations. For the
next several decades, the site was left abandoned and neglected.
Cool Springs Service Station was built in the 1920s and eventually had a cafe, a bar,
and cabins. But Route 66 was bypassed in 1953, and the station was abandoned in 1964. Adding
insult to injury, its ruins were blown up for the 1991 Dolph Lundgren/Jean-Claude Van Damme
film Universal Soldier.
Cool Springs Service Station had been a ruin -- nothing more than a blackened pile of rocks --
until 2001. That's when Ned Leuchtner, a real estate agent from Chicago, bought it and began
its careful restoration, based on vintage photographs. The work was completed at the end of
While we are happy that Leuchtner spent his time and money to bring Cool Springs back from
the dead, you shouldn't drive to this isolated spot with your gas gauge on "E." Cool Springs may
look like a service station, but it only sells snacks and Route 66 souvenirs.

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Call 928-768-8366
Come visit us! 8275 Oatman Rd, Kingman, AZ - 86413,US

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