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Dinosaur Tracks


  • The state of Arizona apparently was a popular place to visit even a long, long time ago …  by dinosaurs. The evidence lies just five miles outside of Tuba City with hundreds of dinosaur tracks on the Navajo Reservation.

  • Most of the tracks are dilophosaurus, a horse-sized three-toed herbivore. There is also evidence of a dilophosaurus eater , Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaur Tracks


You might be tempted to drive by the sign between Cameron and Tuba City that points to ancient dinosaur tracks but you'd be missing out on a fun and informative stop. Local Native Americans lead visitors on a short walk to view the tracks that were made in mud long before humans inhabited the area. The guides are informative and friendly and this may be the kids' favorite stop!
The walking tour is $5 per person. Local vendors also set up tables to sell jewelry and crafts, so there will be an opportunity for a little shopping as well.  

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