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Travel2Arizona, the most complete Travel Guide, where your journey begins with the tour and travel resource for everything in Arizona. Since we live in this area, and love to share with our guests, we manage the most current and thorough information on things to see and do. An intuitive and interactive design allows you to search with ease, to create your ideal Arizona trip with the options you want... this is The Arizona Travel Guide.


Why does everytime I refresh or enter the site there are new image boxes from last time I visited?

First of all we are glad you visited and decided to come back. You are correct, there are two things that are happening. First of all,  we are adding news, merchants, and things to do on a daily basis. Additionally, we randomize the loading of images to give our partners an opportunity to be found rather than be buried on some back page.

Don't forget to use the search engine which is the power of this website to fine tune what you are looking for. With the three tab approach you can find what you are looking for fast versus digging through page after page. If you are just exploring just hit the refresh button until something catches your eye.... have fun planning your trip to Arizona. 

Wow you are right the search tool is a great feature. is this thing patented because it should be?

The answer is no, but thanks for the feedback. Our staff and programmers are constantly searching on the internet for features, tools and presentation techinques to make the user experience on Travel2Arizona better. In today's reality of information overload and data mining, we are constantly find ways to get the information to our travellers to Arizona easier, accurate, and timely.  

I am a merchant that would like to participate, where do I go to sign up?

Great, at the bottom of the page click "Advertising" this will give you different ways that you would prefer to be contacted. We work on your terms, budget, and time schedule. Just as with our travellers and guests you will find us flexible, professional, and ready to serve.